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With an aim to provide ERROR FREE and FLAWLESS security and facility management services to various organizations, We started Spy Care MANAGEMENT SERVICES PVT LTD. From the day of inception till now, we committed to deliver the quality of services desired by our clients. We provide SECURITY SERVICES, HOUSE KEEPING SERVICES, FECILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES, DOG SQUAD, ROPE PARTY, PERSONAL BODY GUARDS, FIRE FIGHTERS AND ALL OUTSOURCE RELATED ACTIVITIES. We are having 24 x 7 control room to monitor field operations. All the services rendered by us are monitored and controlled by experienced RETD. ARMY OFFICERS. SPY CARE MANAGEMENT SERVICES PVT.LTD. strives to provide quality services to our clients. Dynamism, experience and sound knowledge on industrial, commercial and personal security are the assets of our team.


We are having our own guards training academy in which all our guards are thoroughly trained by professional retd. Army coaches in various security related subjects.


A special cell of 1-3 will be formed out of existing force to prevent Theft and Pilferage especially at vital points and check posts.


Our officers impart training to all our guards in detecting and diffusing bombs. A special cell of 1-6 will be created out of existing force to detect and diffuse the bombs. Guards will be trained in (a) detecting, (b) caller Line identification, (c) place of call, (d) age and sex identification, (e) demands of the caller etc.


Our guards will undergo fire fighting training and mock fire drills in our academy. They will be trained in handling fire fighting equipments, Use of sand, water and foam to prevent and control the fire.


Retd. Army Doctors will give lectures and demonstrations – on burns, air raids, evacuation, electric shocks, snake bites and artificial breathing etc.


Perhaps, ours is the only organization which gives yoga training to security guards for their mental fitness. More ever all our guards will put of for medical examinations twice a year and copies of their medical fitness will be forwarded to principal employers.